When plastic surgery goes bad: Can the self-titled ‘Nip Slip Queen’ fix her Botched boobs?


DOCTORS: Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow job their magic

The prove to – fronted by Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow – shows patients attempting to fix their plastic surgery gone wrong.

The surgeons job their magic on the clients, fixing exactly what appears for good unfixable in many cases.

This season, viewers will certainly get hold of a glimpse of as she exclaims they “are not big enough” – though we would certainly disagree.


FAMILIAR FACE: Frenchy makes an appearance on the brand-new series

And in the season premiere, past participant Rajee returns to sort out some dodgy facial filler that is a lot more love cement.

There’s likewise a patient that asks the doctors to reshape his nose so he looks love an alien, which is “his version of perfect”.

But the many interesting case in episode one is of Melissa, that calls herself the “Nip Slip Queen” as a result of a breast reduction that went wrong.


AWKWARD: Melissa’s problem leaves her in some uncomfortable situations

The 33-year-old had her DDs earned smaller sized so she could pursue dancing, though it wasn’t a delighted ending.

Her nipples ended up being also high, which triggers them to pop out at awkward minutes – love on the beach.

The brunette goes to Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow to sort the issue out so she can easily lose the title of “Nip Slip Queen”.


TOO HIGH: Melissa’s nipples are not where they need to be

Unfortunately, for Melissa, they have actually to make her boobs bigger to permit to shed the nipple down.

But they’re masters in their craft, and she leaves the operating table along with a smile. Yay!

Botched collection 3 premieres on Tuesday Might 17 at 9pm on E!.