‘What an idiot I was’: Ex-CBB star David Gest reveals deep regrets over having plastic surgery… as he claims late friend Michael Jackson convinced him to do it

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His opportunity to make candid revelations in Celebrity Big Brother was cut short.

But David Gest wasted no time in being loose-lipped as soon as he joined the panelists of Loose Women on Tuesday as soon as he expressed deep regret at ever having plastic surgery, over 35 years ago.

The 62-year-old even dropped some major hints regarding his late friend Michael Jackson – no doubt the man that Channel 5 viewers were desperate to hear much more regarding throughout David’s time on CBB.

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Regrets: David Gest appeared on Loose Women on Tuesday afternoon, and revealed an advice in to his deep plastic surgery regret throughout a candid chat

David, that left the 2016 naked truth reveal because of illness eight days ago, was caught off guard as soon as he was asked regarding his youthful visage almost instantly on the ITV reveal this week. 

Quick to set the tape straight, he said: ‘I did plastic surgery in 1980 and I did my eyes and I had a facelift as soon as I was rather young because Michael Jackson said to me, “You’ve got to make yourself constantly look better.”

‘I believed to myself, “Oh I’ll do this because Michael told me.” Just what an idiot I was. I’m telling individuals be that you are, you do not should do plastic surgery, it’s the stupidest thing in the world.’

David previously revealed that he dreams of having his old nose spine and simultaneously claimed on Tuesday that US musician Michael not only altered his nose once, However multiple times. 

Same surgeon: He blamed his late friend Michael Jackson (here, left in 2003 and right in 1997) for introducing your man to plastic surgery and convincing your man that it was a good idea

Honest: While David’s time in CBB had been cut short, he wasted no time in being loose-lipped along with panelists Saira Khan (left) and Linda Robson (right)

Stupid: The music producer (here, left on Tuesday and right, in 2002) called themselves an ‘idiot’ and branded plastic surgery the ‘stupidest thing in the world’

‘He didn’t have actually one [nose job] because we had the same plastic surgeon and he had a few… he had too numerous and that’s why his nose got so thin.

‘I explained to him, “You are that you are, they adore you for your talent. You’re such an unbelievable performer.” He never required to do it.’

David knew Michael since he was aged 10 and they remained good friend until he sadly passed away in 2009.

On the show, the star confessed that his friend was on a pursuit for ‘perfection’ However denied accusations that the musician was attempting to grab away from the look of his father and family.

Throwback: The star additionally blamed his higher blood tension on ex-wife Liza Minnelli (pictured in the background)

Divorce: The couple were married for 5 years However he confessed ‘it was no cabaret’

And while the 62-year-old was getting actual regarding his old friend, he didn’t spare the opportunity to take a jibe at his ex-wife Liza Minnelli.

The star revealed that his plethora of pills taken inside the estate were for his blood pressure, joking that he never had them prior to his 2007 divorce.

‘You try being married to a person like that,’ The star joked regarding his five-year marriage. ‘Liza’s not a cabaret and I never had them prior to that…’

Quit: The star quit Celebrity Big Brother because of illness, having been bed-bound for most of his TV appearance

Short However sweet: David joined the reveal for little much more compared to 10 days

David quit CBB merely over 10 days in after becoming too ill to go on on as a housemate.

He revealed on Tuesday’s reveal that he wanted Darren Day win the competition, praising his loyalty to his wife and youngsters for his backing.

David went on to make a comparison along with Stephanie Davis, that has actually been accused of cheating on her boyfriend Sam Reece along with fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell while inside the house.

Honest: His television appearance featured some estate truths regarding friends and family

Getting real: David spoke openly regarding his favourites in the CBB house 

Favourites: David said he was rooting for Darren Day to win the show



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