Taylor Swift Boob Job

Taylor Swift Boob Job

Taylor Swift boob job

Taylor Swift boob job is a story surrounded by numerous speculations.In 2012 Taylor allegedly had a breast implant to convert her then A-cup breast size into the curvaceous c-cup size.Taylor holds her ground that no implants had been done on her boobs and they are what her mama gave her.The numerous photos of Taylor on the internet give a very different story.Taylor’s chest before 2012 resembled that of a teenage girl but afterwards it seems her boobs magically turned into one of the most envied set of boobs in the music industry.If we are to base on the photos then Taylor Swift boob job was nothing but a success. People claim the enlarged boobs are due to padded bras she wears but her photos when she isn’t wearing any bras show her twins as two big soft melons.Taylor Swift boob job whether true or false…we will never know.

Lets talks about her body measurements. She has Banana Body shape with 25 inches breasts size, 24 inches waist, and 35 inches hips. She currently wears 34A bra size. plastic surgeons said not every breast implant or boob job change the size for example increase from C to D. But boob job can also just beautify the breasts exclude change the busts size. See this table below…!!!

Taylor Swift Body Measurements

 Body Shape  Banana
 Breast Size  35 Inches
 Bra Size  34A
 Cup Size  A
 Waist  24 Inches
 Hips  35 Inches
 Height  180 Centimeters
 Weight  59 Kilograms
 Shoe  8.5
 Dress Size  2