Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures Review

American Idol is one of the reality competition television show that have many fans. And in this competition, Steven Tyler played as a new judge. He was rumored following Simon Cowell’s footsteps to undergo plastic surgery. He likely has regular Botox injection and veneer teeth. In the 62 years old, he reported has had injectables like Perlane or Radiesse on his face. It is used to soften some of his deeper wrinkles and remove the aging signs. she also reported has had a facelift to keep his youthful look.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before & After

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California said that Steven Tyler likely has had a facelift. Then he also has had Botox and facial fillers to keep his young look. Overall, the works she had performed is not overdone.

Besides, Dr. Anthony Youn also responds this new. He said that to be a judge on American Idol, Steven Tyler not only should deepen his ability in the terms of music, but also prepare for his performance. Steven Tyler seems to use fillers such as Juvederm that injected under his eyes, in his cheeks, and frown lines, this facial filler would make plumped up and filled out face.

When Steven Tyler was in Paraguay for a concert series, he slipped and fell in his hotel room. He needs medical treatment because he has broken his teeth and hurt his face. Steven was treated at a local hospital to receive two dental implants for the broken teeth and get some hurt face cares.

When has a vacation in Hawaii, Steven looks has sagging skin in the chest area. It might be caused by weight loss and aging significantly. To make it better, it seems Steven should have laser treatment or liposuction to getting rid of extra skin in the chest area.