Stana Katic Nose Job Before & After Review

Stana Katic is a Serbian Canadian actress. She started to gain the public’s attention when she played in a TV series titled Castle. After her first success, her career was expanding as she started to play in other movies, such as For Lovers Only and The Double. At last her professional career began when she started to star in another TV series, Heroes. While as Hollywood actress she seems less exposed when compared to other Hollywood celebrities, there are still rumors about her. The latest one is about whether or not she has done plastic surgery, or to be exact nose surgery.

When she appeared at Castle looking noticeably different than she did before, her fans could not help but noticed that there was something strange on her face, her nose to be exact. Later on, when two photos of Stana old and new were compared, it was found that Stana most likely has undergone a plastic surgery. Before, Stana’s nose was short, wide and round at the tip, in short it looked piggy and distracting. But her new nose seems to be not only thinner, but also more defined.

Just as any other things celebrities do, this new look on Stana causes pros and cons. While a part of her fan base regrets her decision to undergo nose surgery, the other believes that she looks even more beautiful now. The truth is still debatable though, remembering Stana herself has yet to make a statement concerning this rumor.

When you choose to do nose surgery or rhinoplasty, there are 2 procedures that can be done. One is to reduce the size of your nose by taking some tissue and changing the nasal cartilage and the bones of the nose which is called reduction rhinoplasty. The other is to do the exact opposite which is called augmentation rhinoplasty.