Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job Before & After Photos Review

Sarah Jessica Parker is known as a super famous actress with billions of fans. It is easy enough for her fans to find the difference that is shown on her nose. In her old picture, her nose had bulbous tip and it has a large bump at the end. However, in her recent picture, her nose seems to have narrower tip and the large bump is almost disappearing. She also keeps some flaws of her old nose so it looks that her nose seems more natural. It shows that she is wise enough for keeping the special feature of her old nose.

Since there is no drastic change in her nose, the truth about Sarah Jessica parker nose job is still questionable. Even Dr. Anthony Youn also says that it is hard to decide whether she undergone a nose job or not. He said that her nose cannot be a perfect sample of the result of a nose job since rhinoplasty should not leave bumps on her nose. What makes it really the result of rhinoplasty is that her recent nose is a lot thinner than her nose when in younger age. Overall, her recent nose looks very good on her.

Sarah Jessica Parker never says a word about the issue of her nose job. Even though it is still unproven, by comparing her younger age picture and her recent picture, the difference of her nose will be clearly seen. However, there is also the possibility that she possesses a high advanced makeup technique that can overcome the flaws of her nose. Whether it is a nose job result or not, it is true that this 43 year old mother always takes care of her health and she looks gorgeous with her narrowed tip nose. In the end, it is your choice whether to believe the issue or not.