Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos Review

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

Rumer Willis is an American actress who is also the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. She is beautiful with dark hair that makes people love her at the first sight. However, many people assume that her beauty is not real. They believe that she had done some plastic surgeries to change her appearance and make her prettier. Rumer Willis plastic surgery is a rumor that has gone on since years ago. The rumor appears because her mother also had taken several surgery procedures. Moreover, she also seems to have different look from time to time. The drastic change in her face indicates that she change her jaw and chin.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before & After

Jaw Reduction

Many people realize that she used to have huge jaw. Today, her jaw does not look that big anymore. It looks narrower and softer and also feminine. The change in her jaw can be seen from her recent photos or her appearances on television. She may have taken surgery to reduce the line of her jaw in order to get the perfect shape of her jaw. The look of her jaw today seems to be the result of a surgery.

Dr Pichler says that a plastic surgery for reducing jaw lines called  jaw reduction. The procedure is the option to reduce the unwanted jaw lines to have a perfect jaw.

Chin Augmentation

Rumer Willis also is believed that she has a surgery on her chin. Her face looks so perfect and beautiful especially for her chin. She has a perfectly sharp chin. While several years ago, she used to have big and huge chin. To change her chin, it is believed that she underwent a detailed plastic surgery. Dr Park says that making a sharp chin needs a perfect surgery and there are steps before doing it. Her chin is amazing and amusing than how it looked several years ago. She always denies the rumor that she had taken plastic surgery for fixing her facial apperance. She always says that she has a natural beauty.