Plastic Surgery Before & After: Julie Chen

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before & After

Plastic Surgery Before & After: Julie Chen

Julie Chen plastic surgery has been being hot topic among her fans and some celebrity viewers over the years. This Big Brother star has been rumored to have some works done on her face especially on her nose and eyes regions. Some people estimated that she might have had rhinoplasty and eyelids surgery that have led her to look fantastic in 43 years old age.

How Did Julie Chen Respond To The Plastic Surgery Rumors?

When this CBS producer was asked by some celebrity magazines contributors, she has not either denied or confirmed those rumors. However, based on Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery pictures comparison, she slightly had some changes on her nose shape and eyes appearance. Despite we are not a plastic surgeon, but we strongly believed that she must have had some facial surgery procedures done because her nose shape now looks smaller and slimmer than she used to have in the past. And it is very impossible for women, who had a large nose and wide, but now looks thinner and slimmer, if they do not have a a nose job.

However, there are still many disputes regarding to Julie Chen plastic surgery rumors, beyond our assessments. Some of them claimed that her nose and eyelid changes were the product of make up illusion, but not a few of them insist on that this well known television personality has gotten nose surgery and blepharoplasty.

In addition, regardless the disputes whether Julie Chen has had plastic surgery or she has not, we noticed that she looks great and fascinating in her 43 years old age. However, if she did have some facial surgery procedures, they must have been done very well by her a certified plastic surgeon with the result that her appearance still looks attractive though her age is not young anymore.

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