Patrick Dempsey Nose Job Before & After Photos Review

Patrick Dempsey has been starring in movies since he was a kid. People started to wonder whether he had a plastic surgery was when he starred in Made of Honor. In the movie, Patrick Dempsey appeared with a different nose. While as a young man he had a big nose with wide bridge and rounded tip, in Made of Honor, his nose is thinner with a narrower bridge and less bulbous tip.

As a kid and later on as a young man, Patrick Dempsey had a big nose with wide bridge and bulbous tip. This made him look less attractive. Later on, he admitted that he had undergone a nose surgery in his middle age. People first noticed his different nose when he played in Made of Honor where he looked even more charming with thinner nose, the bridge of his nose narrower and the tip less rounded. His nose also looked slightly crooked. Whether this was what Patrick’s choice to give himself more masculine look or a minor screw up on the surgeon’s part is unknown. Either way, Patrick Dempsey made a right choice to do a plastic surgery which made his comeback a success.

As an actor, Patrick Dempsey is not exactly young, yet he looks younger in his middle age. He confessed it was because he tries to stay in shape, though he also admitted that he used Botox to smooth out lines and creases that start to appear as he gets older. It is also believed that Botox is not the only method Patrick has tried it is most likely that he also tried laser skin procedures to make him as young as he is now.

Patrick’s nose surgery is considered as one of the most successful surgeries done to celebrities. And whether the imperfection is deliberate or not, it succeeds in making him look even better with his imperfect masculine charm.