Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery or Good Genes Review

Olivia Newton John plastic surgery or good genes? This what many people discussed in plastic surgery forum when they noticed that Olivia Newton John stay looking fresh at her age 64 years old.

You maybe wonder what the secret behind her great look at 64 years old,  is it natural? Or is it the result of plastic surgery? Well, in this session, we will discuss more about Olivia Newton John recent look.

Olivia Newton John may say that she hasn’t had any surgical procedures to maintain her youthful look. Well, How can a woman at her age can look like 15 years old younger that her real age without the help of plastic surgery?

Some media told that she must be having some rejuvenation to create such fresh and natural look. They are including facelift, lip implant, botox, fillers, eyelid surgery, browlift and dermal injection as well.

If we are judging the before and after photo, it is possible that she has already had regular botox injection on her forehead since her forehead remain smooth and wrinkle free, it’s uncommon for a woman of her age.

In addition to regular Botox injection, it is also possible that she has also had lip implants. The after photo reveal that her smile becomes wider than before, it is not naturally occurred as the effect of aging.

Furthermore, her neck and jawline also appear perfectly taut, it indicates that she possibly having a facelift. It has to be mentioned that she has had upper and eyelid surgery to make her eyes look fresh and free from excess skin around her eyes.

Although the before and after photo reveal that she possibly having some work done to her face, Olivia Newton John denied that she has been under the plastic surgeon’s knife.

Well, whatever she did, I think she looks great at her age 64 years old. If she really has undergone some surgery, I need to say thanks to her plastic surgeon, she looks great and not overdone.

What do you think? Does she look better? Please feel free to share your though!