Mother of six left in crippling back pain after having triplets separated her stomach muscles is refused $16,000 ‘tummy tuck’ surgery because it is considered ‘cosmetic’

  • Kimberlee King, 33, is a Sydney mother whose last pregnancy was triplets 
  • The mother-of-6 suffers excruciating pain from torn stomach muscles 
  • The damage occurred after multiple births and she calls for surgery 
  • But the government recently deemed the reconstructive surgery ‘cosmetic’ 
  • That means her abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’ will certainly cost her $16,000 

Leith Huffadine For Day-to-day Mail Australia


Kimberlee King merely prefers to have the ability to play along with her youngsters and wake up devoid of thinking regarding chronic pain.

The 33-year-old Sydney mother of 6 has actually excruciating pain caused by torn abdominal muscles after giving birth to her children, including her four-year-old triplets.

But she’s discovered that a once-subsidised surgery for mothers has actually now been deemed ‘cosmetic’ quite compared to reconstructive – because it’s additionally known as a ‘tummy tuck’. 

Mrs King, an aged care case manager, told Day-to-day Mail Australia she has actually had to take out a personal loan to cover her $16,000 abdominoplasty because it was taken off a Medicare Benefits Routine in January.

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Mrs King along with her husband Takahi and youngsters (at spine from left) Tane, 12, Taison,  seven and Makaya, 10 and at front, triplets Mackenna, Madisyn and Mariyah, all four

Mrs King pictured as quickly as she was pregnant along with her triplets, Mackenna, Madisyn and Mariyah, now all aged four

Mrs King, 33, from Revesby, Sydney, is an aged care case manager and mother of six

An ultrasound scan of Mrs King while she was pregnant along with her her triplets, now aged four

She suffered four years of pain until March to have actually the surgery as quickly as her youngest youngsters were much more independent, only to be told a review by the Medical Services ­Advisory Committee led to the surgery being changed from reconstructive to ‘cosmetic’. 

‘I missed out by three months,’ she said.

‘I constantly knew that I would certainly have actually to get hold of the surgery. The frustrating thing for me is that I don’t expect the public to pay for all my surgery… I have actually paid for private health care every two weeks my whole life However I can’t use that because Medicare hasn’t attached an item number to my surgery because I’m not eligible.’ 

The surgery involves making hip-to-hip cut across the pubic line, pulling spine the skin and reattaching the stomach muscles, prior to pulling the skin spine down tightly, reattaching it and cutting off the excess. 

It’s as a result of the skin tightening and removal the surgery is now considered cosmetic.

According to the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons the decision was ‘misogynistic’ and unfair to women along with multiple children, The Day-to-day Telegraph reported. 

Mrs King’s husband, Takahi, along with their triplets. They were born nine weeks premature However haven’t endured any health issues

Mrs King’s youngsters along with Santa Claus. spine from left are Makaya, Taison and Tane, along with (at front) triplets Mackenna, Madisyn and Mariyah

Mrs King hopes to get hold of the decision on abdominoplasty changed so others women don’t face a large surgery bill like her

Mrs King along with her husband, Takahi, 35

The society’s secretary, Doctor Daniel Kennedy, contacted Health Minister Sussan Ley in Could to ask for the ‘mistake’ to be reversed.

‘I can easily understand the should rein in costs However a patient like her (Mrs King) has actually had a massive impost on her abdominal wall and it won’t get hold of much better by itself,’ the Day-to-day Telegraph quoted him or her as telling the minister.

At the moment, Mrs King can’t play along with her children, has actually urgency incontinence, and constant spine pain, because her abdominal muscle are torn and can’t support her.

Only regarding 150cm tall, carrying youngsters had caused a lot of spine pain, and she endured daily, at job and at home.

She booked in for the surgery at her own cost in September because she couldn’t go on the same.

‘Nothing alleviates the pain. It’s a constant. I live along with it every day. 

‘It’s not reasonable on my husband or my youngsters having to deal along with a cranky mum.’ 

Mrs King said the decision to list abdominoplasty as cosmetic couldn’t be overturned by the time she had surgery, However she hoped she could make a difference for women in the future.

She has actually contacted the Health Minister begging for the decision to be changed and a petition for adjustment is circulating.

‘I believe [this] affects a lot of women.

‘This is regarding changing it for the future. If it changes for others women then it’s a job well done.’ 

The King family together. Mrs King says her condition isn’t reasonable on her youngsters or husband, that have actually to deal along with a ‘cranky’ mum that is in pain

The King family pictured with each other in Vanuatu