Morgan Stewart regrets cosmetic surgery


Morgan Stewart regrets having cosmetic surgery.

The 28-year-old ‘Rich Children of Beverly Hills’ star has actually confessed she was “insane” for undergoing the painful lip procedure and prefers she never ever had “s**t” pumped in to her lips, which has actually left her facial feature disfigured.

The blonde beauty shared her upset via social media on Friday (07.22.16), along with a string of tweets. She wrote: “Ummmmmm why I ever believed placing s**t in my lips was a great suggestion is insane.

“My ideal top lip STILL has actually a ball in it … and she injected the s**t from it along with no numbing cream, OK? There were tears. (sic).”

And Morgan – that married her husband Brendan Fitzpatrick earlier this year – has actually revealed she underwent the plumping procedure in an attempt to have actually evenly sized lip.

She explained: “They were uneven (sic).”

Meanwhile, one follower felt Morgan’s wrath after they advised the television personality to not undergo the beauty treatments to stay clear of these mishaps.

To which Morgan replied: “Hardly actually- have actually you seen the middle of my face? (sic).”

And the truth television star has actually confessed she has actually finally know her lesson and doesn’t hope to have actually any kind of much more lip enhancements or fillers injected in to her face, unless she sees a recommended specialist.

She said: “I’m realizing the much less you f–k along with on your own the better.” However, she followed that up along with one exception: “Unless you visit a person terrific (sic).”

However, Morgan has actually previously discussed going under the knife to reshape her nose.

Speaking previously, she said: “I’m undoubtedly taking between of my nose slightly. No, truly I am.”