Mila Kunis Nose Job Before & After Photos Review

As an actress of Russian descendant, Mila Kunis was typically tall, thin and flat chested. Yet, more recent photos of Mila show that now the beautiful voice artist and actress have a significantly fuller chest than before which cause people to wonder whether she has undergone a breast augmentation. Mila herself admitted that she would not go under the knife except if she had a medical reason for it, though she kept an open mind about plastic surgery. She even confessed that there was always a possibility that she would do it later on.

Mila once admitted that she would not do a plastic surgery, though she was willing to do it for the sake of a role as was proven when she chose to change her appearance dramatically for The Black Swan. When you compare a photo of older Mila and the more recent one, you can clearly see that the shape of her nose is different. Her nose used to be wider on the bridge and rounded at the tip. Now, the bridge of her nose is slimmer and the tip more refined. Dr. Jennifer Walden believes that this is the result of a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) well done.

Her nose is not the only part of her that has changed, her face also looks different now. It looks more grown-up. This can be the result of either Mila losing residual baby fat which makes her face become less rounded or a result of a plastic surgery to remove facial fat in her cheeks. She is also believed to have undergone breast augmentation to make her breasts look fuller.

Plastic surgery is a common practice in Hollywood. Many Hollywood stars have done it, be it a nose job or a buttock augmentation or other kinds. As long as Mila chooses her surgeon carefully and not overdo it, plastic surgery is always an option to enhance her appearance.