Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before & After Review

Immortals star Mickey Rourke rumor has had some plastic surgery. The star that is an Oscar nominee likely has under the knife procedure in her 59 years old. It seems he has had facelift, chin implant, cheek implant, lower lip implants and multiple nose jobs. He has had the overload plastic surgery procedure and he must get the surgery recovery.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before & After

In the past, there were scars that line Mickey’s face, sure signs of plastic surgery. I think he would lose his career and spent the time to visit the surgeon. When he was caught on camera while promoting the “Immortals”, he looks softer. Her appearances looking a little less scary and harsh. It seems he has surgery recovery. It may be he has found the best surgeon that can help him to get the better touch, and likely he chooses to use fillers like Sculptra and Restylane.

A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer said that Mickey Rourke is looking a bit better these days as his skin with relaxing and his face is showing some natural looking contours.  It is very difficult to correct over-done plastic surgery.  He needs to allow time to mend the results and that looks like what he is doing. Beside that Dr. Anthony Youn also give explanation about his surgery procedure by said that he’s had at least one facelift, and maybe more, creating scars around his ears. His face appears to have a plethora of scars and changes from potentially several different operations. He appears to have regained the sideburns he seemed to lose after a previous surgery, possibly signifying hair transplants. It seems that he’s undergone an upper eyelid lift.

Mickey Rourke seems to have gained valuable experience in surgery. Not all plastic surgery will give you good and satisfactory results. As what has been experienced by Mickey Rourke, he had to undergo a plastic surgery recovery and spend a lot of time to it.