Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery Before & After Review

The “Mama Mia” star Meryl Streep told to public how she feels when did the plastic surgery. In her 59 years old, Meryl still looks young and beautiful. It seems the secret of her beauty is plastic surgery. She likely has had a face lift, neck lift, and eyelid surgery. Besides, Meryl might be has some treatment like laser treatment, chemical peel, and some dermal injection such as Botox or Restylane. She also has plumped cheek, but, we don’t know it is caused by under the knife procedure or it is still natural.

When she was 62 years old, she played as Margaret Thatcher. When promoted her film ”The Iron Lady”, she looks nice without age sign. She can play in a wide range of ages, from 40 to 80 with her latest appearances.

Responded to Meryl Streep pastic surgery rumor, a Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer said that he believes that Meryl Streep has had some facial cosmetic surgery in the past.  Meryl Streep looks very youthful. She has smooth and wrinkles-free face, Besides, she also has flawless skin. It is indicated that she has had some surgery procedures such as face lift and neck lift. It seems she is also using Botox and dermal fillers to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition Dr. David Shafer, celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City also told that he not sure about her plastic surgery. It is because there are no clear signs that indicated she had plastic surgery.

But, Meryl Streep has smooth skin and a tight neck, it is almost impossible to have beautiful skin in her age without the help of plastic surgery.

But, whatever works that ever done by Meryl, I think it gives satisfactory results. It seems normal and natural. Give thanks for her surgeon that helps her career forward.