Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos Review

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery

Don’t think that those people who undergo the knife only the ugliest ones, sometimes, people who already have attractive self appearance also have the possibility to do so, such as what Mariah Carey has done. This music diva is “accused” to undergo some plastic surgeries until these days. What are they?

If plastic surgery is done due to lack of self potency, Mariah Carey is not supposed to do any plastic surgery. Besides having amazing voice, she already has a beautiful face since the first time she stepped into the music industry. Until these days, she has released more than 12 albums that gain ten awards on her trophy cupboard.

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before & After

However, even though her pretty face has been able to see in her first cover album, you can find out many differences in her figure and those can be the indication of plastic surgery. One of the most noticeable change is her nose,  it becomes thinner and its nostril becomes smaller and more defined rather than the look in her first debut. She could have a rhinoplasty job. It also happens to her cheek. It becomes higher than before, and gradually, the shape of the cheek keeps on changing. It becomes fuller and higher. In fact, if someone is getting older, her cheek normally less tight than before, right?

Mariah Carey Breast Implants

Another thing that you can see its difference is her breast. If you take a look on her photo 5 years ago, you may not find the difference, but let’s flashback when her first debut. Her boobs were in average size, but now, its size is several times bigger, just like a mountain size! Breast implant could be the cause of this since her breast is rounder and more objected.

Recent news reported that she has liposuction to make the stretch in her stomach gone. The labor of her twin caused her belly button in rounder and her waist bigger. It can be seen from her post birth photo, but now all of them are gone in flat belly.