Man Obsessed with Cosmetic Procedures Spends over $27,000 to Look Fake

James Holt plastic surgery

But where does a 22-year-old young man get hold of the funds for every one of these procedures? No, he’s not using his own, or his parents’ money,relying rather on the generosity of three sugar daddies. These three older men live every one of over England and apparently guidance fund his expensive obsession.


Photo: James Holt/Facebook

One would certainly believe that Holt compensates his sugar daddies in sexual favors, however he describes themselves as asexual, citing a lack of interest in a bodily relationship. “My two main sugar daddies understand me and have actually met me, however I’ve not had a sexual partnership along with them or any sort of others,” he says. “I don’t understand exactly what they’re obtaining from it; they don’t get hold of a lot from me. They’re simply making me happy.”

He could not be considering a relationship, however James claims he has actually plenty of admirers, the 2 male and female, that can’t take his eyes off his full lips and bubble butt. Ah, ok…


James Holt/Facebook

James Holt isn’t the very first English man to usage plastic surgery to copy the coveted features of the Kardashians. Two years ago, we wrote about Jordan James Parke, a big Kim Kardashian fan that went through several cosmetic procedures in order to look love her.

Source: Manchester Evening News

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