Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before & After Review

Lee Min Ho is one of the Korean actor that well known for Korean drama “Boys Before Flower”. As we know, South Korea is one of the highest plastic surgery patients in Asia. In there, many women are interested to make over her body with surgery procedure. He is one of the patients of surgery that get the successes with it. If we compare his past photo and his recent photo, it seems he has had surgery.He has changed in his lips and nose, indicated that he really has had under the knife procedure.

A nose job (Rhinoplasty that) has transformed his nose-shape. The nose looked sharper than before. And his second surgery is for his lips. These combinations between the nose and lip make Lee Min Ho looks like a beautiful boy, I mean he looks so cool. His new face makes many people especially girls are impressed of his current look. For those who admire Lee Min Ho certainly would not think that he has been getting some work, just looks cool.

If the surgery is done well, I mean it is not excessive will give satisfactory results. But if it is too much under the knife procedure, usually will have a big impact and less well. Like plastic surgery that made by a handsome actor from South Korea, Lee Min Ho. He has changed his appearance with surgery and now with his new face he gets a lot of female fans, and of course a thriving career. If plastic surgery is used to support a career, then it’s a good reason. But, if surgery is done because there is a problem or hopeless, then it’s really stupid reason. You will look the fool and freak.