Leann Rimes Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos Review

Leann Rimes plastic surgery becomes as popular as her talent on singing right now. How come? It is something common happening to almost all celebrities. All celebrities who have a great and significant transformation will be rumored to have some procedures of cosmetic surgery that they might get in order to get those great changes. That is also what happens to Leann Rimes. She is rumored that she has had some procedures of cosmetic procedures before.

Still, that is actually not a new rumor anymore, because it has been heard couples of times ago. Breast augmentation, facial fillers, and also dental veneers become what the procedures of cosmetic surgery that might have been done by Leann Rimes.

Leann Rimes Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are so many people can see the most popular photos of Leann Rimes while she has a vacation with her bikini. The first is the earliest photo while the second is the recent photo. It can be seen that there is something different seen there. Sure, her boobs look fuller and bigger. It is likely an indication of having a breast augmentation as one of Leann Rimes plastic surgery.

Besides, we can also see that her face looks that subtle and free from lines. That is possible because of the procedure of facial filler, as like Botox.

The Opinion from Cosmetic Surgery Expert

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami also said that it is really reasonable that the fuller boobs of Leann are as a result of breast augmentation. Her boobs’ contour looks fuller and bigger in a natural way. Her previous size of boobs is about A or small-B but turns to be a C – cup. However, it looks really natural and symmetrical. So, it looks like she has silicone breast implants than saline ones. The symmetric result without any extreme size increased gives a natural look to her boobs.

Actually, Leann Rimes plastic surgery procedures, especially the boob-job do not go really hard and extreme. She still looks good and natural. However, still it can be something addicting too.