Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos Review

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery

Kim Delaney is an American actress who gained attention through her role portraying detectives in various cop procedural drama shows such as NYPD Blue, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Lady Boss, and so many others. The fifty one years old Philly native started her career in opera show called All My Children of the 80s. Recently, she has gotten a lot of rumors about getting plastic surgery as the public has started to notice several changes in her appearance.

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery Before & After

Facelift and Botox

In her 50s, we have to admit that Kim Delaney still looks really good. Her skin is tight and glowing just like a teenager. And on her recent appearance on the media, the public didn’t even notice any wrinkles in her facial skin. For that reason, many media assumed that she has gone under the knife to get a younger look. It seems that her impeccable skin is the result of facelifts and Botox procedures. She could also get facial filler in order to make her skin a little more radiant.

Lip Injection

Kim Delaney plastic surgery is not something new. Other than being rumored of having Botox and facelift procedure done to her face, the media also assumed that she has had lip injections to create her duck lips. On her recent appearance we could see how she has such a fuller pout lip that seems to be a result of lips injection.

Although it seems very clear that she might have had several surgery done such as lip injection and Botox, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about. Kim Delaney herself has been dodging the rumor about her surgery on her every interview. In doing so, maybe we can also assume that she has good genes rather than crediting her beauty to plastic surgery.