Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery Before and After Review

You may already be familiar with the hottest actresses in Hollywood Kate Beckinsale. For you who don’t know Kate Beckinsale, she is the hottest actress in Hollywood who has been successfully staring various popular films and television series such as Emma, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Underworld and Van Helsing as well.

Kate Beckinsale has reached the stardom, however many people wonder what Kate’s secret in order to be able to always look great along the way to stardom.

Did she have plastic surgery? This is the most frequently asked questions related to Kate’s appearance transformation for decades. You maybe still remember the news about the unusual change of Kate Beckinslae breast size in the past. It has been reported that Kate’s breast fluctuated more than usual in the past few years, some people believe that she has possibly had  breast implants in and out in the past.

Kate Beckinsale Breast Implants

In addition to the unusual change of Kate’s breast size and shape, it has been mentioned that Kate’s breast implant in and out has left the stretch marks and sagging breasts as well. So, it strengthens the rumor that she really has taken in and out her breast implants to change the size and shape of her breast.

Responded to this rumor, Plastic surgery expert Dr. John Di Saia says “comparing old photos and the recent one, I believe that Kate Beckinsale has had breast implants in & out”.

Well, even though the before and after photo reveals that she has possibly had taken in and out her breast implants, Kate Beckinsale strongly denied that the change of her breast size and shape as the result of breast implants.

Kate also added that the rumor about her breast implants come to the surface when people noticed there are stretch marks on her breasts. Kate explained that the stretch marks and sagging breast was caused by pregnancy, not plastic surgery.

In addition to fluctuate breast size, Kate’s lips sometimes appear luscious & large, and sometimes appears natural in some photos, it indicates that she might be having lip fillers to her lips.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Di Saia also added, :”In addition to lip filler, Kate has also straightened and whitened her teeth”.

Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery Before & After

If we are observing Kate’s old photo and the most recent one, it seems that her face appears fuller than before. She likely takes the advantage of chin & cheek implants or fat grafting to make her appearance looks fresh and youthful.

Furthermore, Kate could also possibly have regular Botox injection or Dysport since her face and laugh lines appear unnaturally smooth.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul A. Nassif says “Kate Beckinsale appears to have had filler injected into her lips. The procedure was performed conservatively and not overdone”. He also added that Kate Beckinsale is possibly having facial fillers and Botox.

Well, Kate has not publicly talked about the recent rumor, but whatever she did, it cannot be denied that she stays look beautiful with or without plastic surgery.