Kardashian-obsessed man spends £20k on cosmetic surgery to look like celebrity idols

Kylie and Khloe Kardashian’s biggest fan invested £21,000 on cosmetic surgery to look a lot more adore his idols, including sculpted lips and generous derrière.

James Holt, 22, splurged £10,000 (US$13,000) on his puffed-up lips alone. He tops up his filler every two months to sustain them in shape.

Five years on from his initial cosmetic surgery, Holt says he plans to have actually more job done, including the removal of 6 ribs to achieve a Kardashian-adore hourglass shape.

In a bid to emulate his celebrity heroes, Kylie and Khloe Kardashian, Holt has actually invested £3,000 on Botox and £2,000 on cheek filler.

“I’m going to be actually fake looking – that’s the look I’m going for,” Holt, that is from Bury, Better Manchester, told the Everyday Mirror.

I adore the Kardashians, especially Kylie and Khloe, yet Kim is past it now. I adore that big butt and small waist look.

Since Kylie started obtaining big lips a year ago it’s come to be actually fashionable. Mine are bigger compared to Kylie’s now.”

Sugar daddies dotted concerning the country advice fund his expensive surgery in return for scantily clad photos of the young man.

Holt, that is single and has actually no interest in a relationship, insists he does not compensate his benefactors along with sexual favours.

My two main sugar daddies understand me and have actually met me, yet I’ve not had a sexual partnership along with them or any sort of others.

I don’t understand exactly what they’re obtaining from it – they don’t get hold of a lot from me.”

Holt underwent his initial cosmetic surgery at the age of 17, as soon as he booked an appointment at a regional salon for Botox and lip injections.

The first injection of 1.5ml failed to make an impression on his classmates at school, so he went spine for more.

By the end of the week I had 6ml and everyone said it looked amazing. I loved my look. It was big and juicy and it was simply exactly what I wanted.”

His initial round of cosmetic surgery resulted in Holt rushing to a various clinic after filler leaked from his lips.

Despite this first botch, Holt remains determined to sculpt his bodily appearance as he sees fit.

He will certainly fly to Poland in August to have actually a £4,000 nose job, after which he plans to have actually a chin implant, his toes straightened and fat transferred to his bottom.

I’ll avoid at not anything to have actually these procedures done,” he said.

My objective is to be loaded and to be in a nice residence along with a nice automobile and have actually all of the surgery I want.”