Juliet Huddy Nose Job: Disappointing Result

Juliet Huddy Nose Job

As a professional anchor, news reporter in America, of course that Juliet Huddy will be watched her look everyday by millions of people who want to see her when bring the news on TV. Then, as time passed by, people started to think about her recent look which is different, especially on her nose which looks different, and people start to think about the possibility of Juliet Huddy nose job.

Being a famous new reporter, this great anchor who was born on 27th September 1969 her appearance will be examined clearly by many people. Then, now the people recognized the difference on her nose, which if we compare her look before and after, the recent look, mostly on her nose is changed. Her previous look is, she has the rounded nose and her nasal bridge is wide or large. Her nose is just same with many people in this world, wide and rounded.

But now, Juliet Huddy is changed, looks great with a thinner tip which makes her nose looks more pointed, also the narrowed nasal bridge which makes her nose looks more elegant, complete with the thinner tip. Now, Juliet Huddy who began the career on age 21 has a problem from how matters do not like the changes on her voice after she did the nose job. Her voice is totally different and it is not giving a good response from people.

Just like supported by Dr. Stephen Prendiville MD, that someone who had Rhynoplasty or nose job, they may get the changes on voice because it will make the changes on the airflow, which is caused by the intubation and the problem to place vocal cord with the breathing tube. Then, many watchers realized that Juliet Huddy nose job caused her voice changing and it is disappointing.