Heidi Montag is Look a Little Barbie And Addicted to Plastic Surgery Review

When I heard the news that Heidi Montag recently had ten plastic surgery procedures completed in one day I was shocked, and that is surprising considering the drivel that comes out of

Hollywood these days. I can’t stand Heidi Montag, that’s for sure. In my opinion she promotes selfishness, narrow-mindedness, and just plain being dumb. There is nothing about that girl that makes her a good role model for other girls.

That being said, Heidi Montag was (and I mean was) a beautiful girl. I can understand a little plastic surgery. We all have some flaws. I can understand a nose job – it sits in the middle of your face after all. I can even understand a breast augmentation. I mean, if you have flapjacks, you want a stack of them right? Women are sensitive about those things. But the rest of it?

In People Magazine, Montag admitted that she has been thinking about all of the procedures that she had done for years. In other words, she was obsessing about the tiniest things about her appearance, and was unhappy with the way she looked for a long time. I am sometimes unhappy with myself as well. I wish I had paid attention more in biology and wish I could remember the little things I learned in college. I never sit around like Heidi Montag and contemplate how my existence would change if I had my ears pinned back, or my tail clipped. (yeah, you’re right…i am mean).

But, that is especially sad. Not me being mean, but Heidi Montag doing a slice and dice on herself. Heidi Montag may be a dumb blonde, but she is a rich, successful, beautiful dumb blonde. What more does she need? Will higher cheekbones and a shorter chin change her life? I can’t see how. take a look at her picture on the cover of People Magazine and you will see what I am talking about. She has aged herself twenty years overnight. And waht does it say about her husband and her spirituality? Heidi Montag’s loser husband encouraged her and is proud of her for it.

And as far as plastic surgery obsession is concerned, what is Montag going to do next? Everyone except celebrities knows that plastic surgery doesn’t age well, and Montag has has somehow sped up her aging process with these procedures. In ten years she will be getting the plastic surgery redone to look like she did a few moths ago. And eventually, Heidi Montag will be having plastic surgery to look like the girl that she was before she turned herself into a science project.

One of the greatest things about our life experience is that we are all unique individuals. It’s fine to make ourselves better but it is awful to want to be someone else. I think that Heidi Montag is setting a shameful example for women everywhere, and People Magazine should not be displaying her on the cover. They are promoting the idea that other people’s parts are worthy of attention and better than ours. They are just parts. I think that she should be more concerned about her whole being, if she has one.

I was shocked, which is astonishing considering the drivel once I learned the news that Heidi Montag lately had ten plastic surgery procedures finished in one day. Heidi Montag, that is for sure can not bear. In my own opinion she boosts selfishness, narrow mindedness, and just plain being dense. There’s nothing about that lady which makes her an excellent role model.
I will comprehend a small plastic surgery. All of us have some defects. I could even comprehend a breast augmentation. After all, you would like a bunch of flapjacks right in case you have them? Girls are sensitive. But the remainder of it?

In People Magazine, Montag confessed that she’s been thinking about all of the processes that she’d done for years. I’m occasionally not happy with myself at the same time. Myself wish I want I could remember the small things I learned in school and had paid in biology. (yeah, you are correct…myself am mean).

But, which is not notably glad. What more does she want? Will a shorter chin and higher cheekbones alter Montag’s life? Myself can not see. Have a look at her image on the cover and you’ll see what myself am speaking about. Heidi has aged herself overnight. Her supported and is pleased with her.

And in terms of plastic surgery fixation is worried, what’s Montag going to do? Montag has has, and everyone except celebs understands that plastic surgery does not age nicely sped up her aging process with these processes. And Heidi Montag will have plastic surgery to seem like the girl before she turned herself into a science job that she was.

It’s horrible to desire to be someone else although it is good to make ourselves better. Myself think that Heidi Montag is setting a black model for girls and People Magazine shouldn’t be showing her. They have been encouraging the notion that ours is not better and not unworthy of focus than other folks’s parts. They’re only parts. Myself believe if she’s one, that herself should be worried about her entire being.

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