From ‘moob’ removal to beer belly busts: How men are choosing cosmetic surgery over hours in the gym to overhaul their bodies

  • Surgeons are noticing an increasing trend of men getting cosmetic surgery
  • Australians of all of ages are opting to go under the knife much more frequently
  • Popular procedures include liposuction, tummy tucks and chest reductions
  • Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Norris says there is much less of a stigma in 2016 

Daniel Peters For Day-to-day Mail Australia



More and much more men are going under the knife to fix their beer bellies, transform their man boobs, sculpt their pectorals and biceps and fluffen up their derrieres.

An increasing number of men – of all of ages, shapes and dimensions – are starting to turn to cosmetic surgery in Australia to fix their bodily imperfections.

Popular procedures range from liposuction, tummy tucks, buttock implants, calf or pectoral implants and chest reductions – every one of which can easily cost upwards of $10,000 and involve invasive surgery.

Australian cosmetic surgeons are reporting a huge improve in the quantity of men going under the knife (liposuction pictured)

Popular procedures include chest reductions (pictured), buttock, calf or pectoral implants and liposuction 

Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Benjamin Norris puts it down to a changing culture along with much less stigma attached

Dr Benjamin Norris, head surgeon at the Form and Face clinic at Bondi Junction, said the quantity of men coming through his doors had skyrocketed across the past two years.

He puts it down to a changing culture that is slowly starting to gone the stigma traditionally attached along with men undergoing cosmetic surgery.

‘It’s much more regarding acceptability, 20 years ago two men would certainly not have actually sat across the table and talked regarding man boobs … it simply wasn’t something that two blokes discussed,’ he told Day-to-day Mail Australia.

 20 years ago two men would certainly not have actually sat across the table and talked regarding man boobs … it simply wasn’t something that two blokes discussed

‘Now it’s actually very accessible, it’s becoming acceptable to talk regarding it.’

Dr Norris, that works in Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs, says he deals along with a diverse range of male patients, that range in age from 18 all of the method to 80.

He says he could box his ‘typical male client’ in to three divide groupings: the standard man that ‘maybe drinks too much and is a bit overweight’, steroid-abusing ‘gym junkies’ that produce unflattering chests through their drug taking, and ‘men that are just overweight.’

He believes that an aging workforce could likewise be a vital factor in the rise of cosmetic surgery among men, as older men attempt to sustain up along with younger employees gunning for their positions.

Another factor could be a building tension from females and partners.

‘Women, that have actually constantly traditionally been the maim cosmetic patient client, they’re turning about to their partners and saying “if you wish to sustain me I expect you to do same thing”,’ said Dr Norris.

Dr Norris says he has actually three ‘typical’ male clients: the ‘average’ man, steroid abusers and over weight men

Dr Norris believes that an aging office was placing tension on older men to sustain up along with younger employees gunning for their positions

The latest figures put out by the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPCA) indicate an improve in men undergoing the two non-surgical and surgical procedures. 

‘Men are taking a growing interest in their appearance and exactly how this reflects on them as individuals, which is contributing to the growing popularity of non-surgical cosmetic procedures among males,’ said Dr Catherine Porter, spokesperson of the CPCA.

‘They recognise that such procedures, and the medical science behind them, can easily guidance them to achieve their desired results, whether that is a bit of general maintenance or something much more significant. ‘

‘It is no longer viewed as a female-only domain.’

Subtle changes: Men that are unhappy along with their gynaecomastia (man boobs) are having chest wall reduction surgery to feel much more confident regarding their physique




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