Elle Fowler Nose Job Before & After Photos Review

The internet becomes great source and support for many people to get anything they need. There are many people who get the fame from the internet and of course YouTube becomes the support which we are talking about. Justin Bieber has rocketed in singing career because of his appearance on YouTube so did Elle and Blair Fowler. If Justin was recognized because of her singing video, Fowler sisters get their YouTube fame because of their makeup tutorial which is shared on YouTube. It is normal for them to see the beauty and appearance as an important asset so there is no surprise when Blair admitted her nose surgery.

It becomes a great issue among public especially the people who follow their channel on YouTube that the girls have had the plastic surgery especially the nose job. Elle Fowler nose job especially is talking a lot  of people moreover since there are some clues which makes her get the indication of having a nose job. The public are curious about her nose job because she posted the recorded video due to her need to heal something. She looks that she has a piggy look nose in recent video and she has the voice which sounds weird according to certain follower. She has not admitted anything yet so public still have to predict although she is free to make her choice for taking a nose job since she is an adult.

For Fowler, public will not have great curiosity about her nose job rumor because she posted the video which admitted her nose job procedure. She really did the procedure although she actually has beautiful face in the video. This can be their preparation for facing their new life in LA but there is kind of a pity about her decision in taking the nose job since she is under age and it must be better for her to wait until she becomes the real adult to take this plastic surgery.