Drugs, Plastic Surgery & More: Whitney Houston’s Secret Autopsy Details EXPOSED

Whitney Houston lived tough and fast for years, yet the celebration came to a tragic end as soon as her waterlogged and scalded body was yanked from a hotel bathtub. Her agonizing death in merely 13 inches of near-boiling water was a heartbreaking finale for the performer that family and friends constantly feared would certainly be gone as well soon, and now the brand-new TV prove to National Enquirer Investigates is taking a deeper look.

Nobody knew merely exactly how several secrets Houston was desperate to sustain until the Los Angeles County coroner’s 42-page report laid bare the singer’s life that was reduce short in that Beverly Hilton hotel suite on Feb. 11, 2012.

Fans were stunned to know that the report showed Whitney had altered her often-bloated body through plastic surgery. The autopsy detailed the “small scars” on her breasts were “associated along with breast implants.”

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Scars on her stomach and top thigh were likewise noted and that mane of brown hair that seemed so natural? It was nil yet a wig that was still tightly clamped to the singer’s head as soon as she died.

Even much more shocking was the naked truth that Houston’s big bright smile that could light up the phase was all of thanks to dentures! Experts likewise point out that lasting substance abusers enjoy Houston frequently grind their teeth, which are currently decaying as a result of the damage of the acidic chemicals discovered in unmerciful drugs enjoy crack.

Her shattered body showed she had made mild emphysema from smoking. And examinations proved she was strung out from – drugs – despite Houston’s sister-in-law, Pat Houston, insisting that she was not abusing any kind of chemical substances leading up to her death.

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She couldn’t have actually been much more wrong. Blood examinations indicated that the musician had smoked marijuana within two weeks prior to dying, and the 2 the very first and last reports revealed cocaine and prescription medications in her system.

In fact, forensic toxicologist Bruce Goldberger said examinations indicated she was “acutely intoxicated from cocaine” as soon as she died and was a “repeated cocaine user.”

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