Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Donatella Versace has been well known by public as Italian fashion designer and now she becomes to be most talked by many people regarding to her different appearance in few years. Even her different appearance especially on her face was in many magazines not only in Italy, but all over the world, there are many people claimed that she had plastic surgery gone wrong on her face so it looks weirder than she used to be.

Eventhough she did not clearly admit it, but if her old picture was compared with her latest appearance it seems that there are visible signs that her plastic surgery has gone wrong. Actually what kinds of plastic surgeries that she had taken till her face looks weird?

Donatella Versace who is a vice president of Versace Group was born 2nd May 1955. Since her weird appearance in front of public there are many speculations dealing with her extremely different appearance. Some of people believed that she had been failed in her cosmetic surgeries, it can be seen through before and after picture which reveals that her latest face appearance was likely tightened or undergoing facelift surgery. Moreover it did not only show up her facelift but it also reveals that she had another jobs on her face, filler injection on her lips as if her lip was false. Her latest nose appearance also shows up us that she had rhinoplasty project for her nose shape more than once.

When some surgeons were confirmed concerning with Donatella weird look, many surgeons claimed that she had more than once plastic surgery procedures for her face in which her face appearance indicated that she had cheek implants. They added that she might want to have new appearance on her face but unfortunately it was not likely successful jobs. Donatella Versace plastic surgery seemed to be one of the bad examples of surgery and cosmetic procedures even she was elected to be one of top ten failed celebrities’ plastic surgery efforts but she seemingly did not too care with the rolling rumors.

Regarding to the plastic surgery procedures that most of Hollywood celebrities had were defined to be two categories, successful and failed. However, Donatella plastic surgery was categorized into the failed surgery. Even if her before and after pictures was looked and analyzed detail, she likely had long process of being under surgeon’s knife. But the most visible signs which indicate her to have long process of cosmetic procedures are facial filler including Botox or Restylane. It can be seen through her face that looks like it did not have any expression for her personality moreover her skins seem to be sparkling and a bit swollen. The other visible signs are on her nose shape which looks to undergo some changes on it so that her nose looks bigger than it used to be. And the last but may not be least is her lips augmentation which as if it underwent augmenting so it looks a bit swollen. All the signs found on her face are one of the effects of having long plastic surgery process so that she does not look natural.

In addition, even though she has not stated clearly whether she had been under knife for her face change but it seemed need not to be confirmed that she had more than once plastic surgery and cosmetic surgeries during her life because the comparison between before and after Donatella Versace plastic surgery pictures have been clear indication that she had long surgery procedures. Do you think so? Please feel free to share your thoughts!