Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before & After Review

The hot mama, Christina Aguilera still looks great and sexy although after giving birth. 27 years old mom, Christina Aguilera has dropped 40 pounds after giving birth. It seems she was doing some procedure to keep her appearances and get back into pre-pregnancy shape. What is the secret of her lost weight? I think it is possible that she has plastic surgery more that diet or exercise.

It seems she has liposuction to help her get the pre-pregnancy shape in a short time. She may be used Smartlipo, Vaser LipoSelection, or CoolLipo because the result of this procedure is so great. She likely also has Velasmooth to remove her cellulite after the pregnancy.

In addition, Miss Aguilera is also likely having another breast implant. As everybody knows, she was having a large and fuller breast in the past, and the recent breast appears smaller than before. It is leading the speculation that she has taken out the old breast implants and change them with the smaller one.

A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer responded to the change of  Christina Aguilera breast size, he said that the Christina Aguilera loss her breast volume following breast feeding. But, in the recent appearances Christina’s breasts are looking smaller.  It seems that she changed her breast implants for smaller ones.

Then OcBody plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia said:

“She stopped breast feeding or just got past her pregnancy and the hormonal changes. Her natural breast was formerly stimulated and enlarged”.

Besides, Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden also said:

“Christina Aguilera’s breasts do seem a bit smaller, but she has also slimmed down significantly since the birth of her son”.

Moreover, she also reported has had other plastic surgery such as a nose job and lip injections to help her enhance her appearance.

Let’s see what the next plastic surgery she have in the future!