Cameron Diaz Nose Job Before & After Photos Review

Cameron Diaz is one of the actresses that do not believe in doing a plastic surgery. She said that beauty comes from the inside, that trying to look like another person will only destroy the character you have now. In 2007, she underwent a nose job. She said that it was purely for medical reason which were to repair a deviated septum and help her with her breathing problems after she had her nose broke 4 times throughout the years. Yet this statement sounded hypocritical remembering that there were also changes in aesthetic side once this surgery was done.

In 2007, she chose to finally undergo a nose job. She vehemently said that it was done for medical purpose only, to help her with her breathing problems and repair a deviated septum. But people could also see how the surgery changed her appearance.

The surgery made the bridge of her nose straighter when compared to her older crooked nose. Even so, this surgery did not change her nose completely and made it perfect. There was still imperfection there which was a part of her charm. When asked, Anthony Youn, a plastic surgery said that Cameron’s surgery seemed to be the combination of medical and aesthetic purpose for a septum repair can also make one’s nose straight.

As she grows older, lines and creases start to appear on her face. Yet, when she showed up with her forehead shiny and unnaturally smooth, this caused people to suspect that she took Botox to make her appear younger. Another indication is the way Cameron’s cheeks and lips look even rosier and bigger than before. While her lips have always been full, it should have diminished as her age increases.

The opinions of experts vary. Some believe that Cameron has surely undergone some kind of plastic surgery for her cheeks while the other believe it is just a result of the aging process.

Body Statistics Table

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Body Measurements
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