Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before & After Review

Who does not know Burt Reynolds? The face of this 75-year-old actor is as smooth and fresh as his face he supported at the beginning of his career. However, Burt Reynolds plastic surgery has ever become a gossip in some magazines in the rag. The actor himself has denied several times that he has got some surgery jobs. But is that true? Only Blepharoplasty He Said?

Even though, Burt Reynolds might deny getting some jobs done, he once admitted that he has to correct the damage in his eyes because of past works. Burt stated that he is almost gone blind so it was the right thing to do which was getting Blepharoplasty to control the damage and smooth the sacks that were hanging under his eyes because of many fights for movies he has been partaken of. But what about his smooth as baby face? Is that real? I mean, you are 75 years old sir; at least you should have wrinkles, normally. The hair is also as thick as the olden day. Wearing wigs is a maybe but does he wear wigs all the time?

In some interviews, it was stated that his face is just generally smooth. Thanks to his dad. However, that is kind of impossible for a 75-year-old man to have as smooth and taut face as his 25-year-old self. That is why some plastic surgeons believe that Burt at least ever have one procedure of a facelift. And some other plastic surgeons also notice that he might also use Botox to make his face looks fullers and tighter. And about the hair, well, either he truly wears wigs all the time or he got treatments for hair restoration and hair pieces. Whatever jobs Burt has done, he would never see himself going bald anytime soon.