Blake Lively Breast Implants Before & After Pictures Review

There are a lot of great types of plastic surgery procedures that often become the favorite procedures done by a lot of people, especially by the celebrities. That is why, a lot of issues about the cosmetic surgery that comes to the celebrities including Blake Lively.

Actually, it is not the only rumor about plastic surgery that she got because long before that, she also got another rumor regarding any other cosmetic surgery procedures that she possibly got before, such as rhinoplasty. However, that is still only a rumor and we actually can have our own perception regarding to the cosmetic surgery which is done by Blake Lively.

We all can see the fabulous look of Blake Lively. Firstly, she looks different to her nose. Her nose looks a bit narrower and also thinner. That is a bit different compared to her photo before. It is likely a result of rhinoplasty. What about her chest area? Her breast still looks natural, but it is a bit fuller than before. It also looks a bit rounded as an indication of breast augmentation. The Blake Lively breast implant procedure is not done too much since it still looks that naturally with the minimal sign of plastic surgery.

Based on Dr. David Shafer, the size of breast implants that she got is in a moderate size. Thus, it looks not really great and too much. The implants give a right size onto her body posture. That is why she still gets a natural look that is great.

However, Dr. Sherrell Aston has the different opinion. He does not believe about Blake Lively breast implants but he believes in the rhinoplasty procedure done by Blake. That is because her breasts in the past or teenage are also full with the good contour too. So, he thinks that it is Blake’s natural breasts. It can be concluded that actually Blake has great breasts in a natural look and size, no matter those are obtained naturally or by being under the knife. She looks great with her perfect size of the breasts.