Ashley Greene Nose Job Before & After Review

Julie Ann

Ashley Greene Nose Job Before & After

The rising popularity of the vampire movie franchise, Twilight Saga, makes some people gain their fame as well, including the actress who portrayed Alice Cullen, Ashley Greene. The actress who was born in Jacksonville, Florida has paid a lot of attention while she was playing Edward Cullen’s sister. Unfortunately, the cause that pays more attention on her is not only about her career acting, but also about her nose job!

Ashley Greene Nose Job

Before taking a role in the Twilight films, Ashley ever played one movie in the year of 2009 named King of California. She starts gaining more attention when she played Allice Cullen in Twilight at 2008. Basically, she is more interested in modeling career though she thinks that her height does not support her career. If we see her face, it seems that height is not an obstruction for her to hit success in the entertainment industry since she already has a pretty face and…super amazing nose. Yup, when the first time you see her, you will realize this thing. Ashley has an unusual nose shape. It seems that she was born with a gift in her nose. Her nose is very straight and sharp with high nose bridge. Unlike everybody who has wider nose bridge, hers is very thin and slim. Her nasal tip is rising as well. This condition makes people call her “nose job club participant”.

Ashley Greene Nose Surgery

Is it Price for Twilight?

Many people think that that Ashley Greene does the plastic surgery on a purpose to get the role of Allice Cullen. Well, it is difficult to say this because if we see her past photo, she already has that nose since several times ago, with a chubbier face of course. However, many plastic surgery experts have confirmed that she may have had a nose job in the past, and she failed in that again now. That’s the reason of asymmetrical nose tip that she has now. Wow, there is always a slot for the accusation, right?