Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos-Review

Anna Faris recently starred in the film “House Bunny”, in her shot it’s likely she has had plastic surgery to forward her career as an actress. She has been rumored to have had rhinoplasty to make over her nose. Her new nose look slimmer with a more pointed tip and the bridge of her nose appears narrower. But in the other hand, her fans didn’t believe that she really has had plastic surgery. Her new nose may be caused by thick makeup or maybe it’s because of growth. If she really has surgery, I think her surgeon did his best work, her new nose looks better harmony with her face. She also reported has had other surgery like lip augmentation, because her lips looks full and plump. Well, I am not sure about her lip augmentation, because her lips still look natural.

In her 34 years old, Anna Faris reported has a breast augmentation. She wanted to emulate his performance in the House Bunny in 2008. She explained that it was so fun to feel over-the-top ridiculous and sexy. So she decided to get breast implants after the film was complete. She chooses implants that fit her small frame, so it looks natural and not ridiculous. After the breast augmentation procedure, she feels that she has had a complete top.

A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, says that Anna Faris does appear to have much higher and fuller cleavage most likely from a breast augmentation.  It is normal to see recent divorcees seeking some type of physical enhancement through plastic surgery.  Many express the attitude of a new look for their new life.

Whatever she did, I think Anna Faris still looks nice and natural although she has had plastic surgery like a nose job and breast augmentation.