Alicia Keys Nose Job Before & After Photos

Alicia Tricks is populared of her outstanding voice. She is additionally a lovely woman. However, the distinction along with the pictures of her as quickly as Alicia was younger, makes some individuals believe that she possessed gotten some plastic surgery to boost her look. Alicia Tricks nose job is just little surgery, so it does not offer substantial change. Along with nose job, she additionally has actually plastic surgeries that gain her look whiter compared to before.

The aged photo of young Alicia Tricks shows Exactly how considerably rounder and wider her nose utilized to be. If you consider the photo before and after Alicia Tricks nose job, Alicia’s aged nose possessed little projection. Before, her nose was relatively flat and possessed a wide bridge along with a bulbous tip. However, now her nose is thin and long. It additionally has actually narrower bridge and tip. Even though her nose has actually a normal appearance, it  shows that her current nose a lot more compared to simply a normal grown up version. Dr. Paul Nassif, the expert of plastic surgeon agrees that Alicia possessed a rhinoplasty due to the fact that the sides of her nose have actually been narrowed and the pointer is much less bulbous. Her rhinoplasty at the moment look natural. But, her bridge and dorsum looks a minor bit a lot more square if compared to her young photo.

In addition to rhinoplasty, Alicia often additionally uses hair weaves in varying textures. She might additionally have actually possessed some procedures for lightening her skin that makes her brand-new look whiter due to the fact that Alicia in fact have actually black skin tone.

Alicia didn’t respond concerning this rumor. However, you can easily see the modification of her nose. Alicia Tricks nose job is excellent that gain lots of individuals also unaware concerning this change. But, from the before and after photo you can easily locate the distinction whether it is the outcome of plastic surgery or it simply the normal development.

Body Statistics Table

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Body Measurements
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