19-year-old girl has plastic surgery to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming actress and model Liu Yifei

A die-tough fan of actress, singer and model Liu Yifei has actually gone under the knife to ensure that she can easily much better resemble her youth idol.

According to NetEase, Li Yifei, a 19-year-old girl from Qingdao, was a dedicated fan of Liu because she was a child. Here’s an image of Liu Yifei for comparison:

After a relative said that Li had much more compared to a passing resemblance to the actress from Wuhan, she and her mother sat down to enjoy as lots of films and televisions dramas as they might locate starring Liu. The 2 ultimately became big supporters of her work.

Since higher school Li has actually sought to emulate her idol, studying classical Chinese dance and copying her mannerisms. because university she has actually known that she desired plastic surgery to insight her come to be much more enjoy Liu.

“As quickly as I was young I was watching The Story of a Noble Family, I believed the 15-year-old Liu Yifei was so beautiful and had such an air of class regarding her,” said Li. “I actually liked her. I believed to myself that it would certainly be great if one day I might be enjoy her.”

Prior to the operation, Li told reporters that she was nervous regarding the surgery and for the ache which would certainly follow, yet in her words, “for beauty it costs it.”

This is not the initial time that a hardcore fan has actually gone to harsh lengths to get the appearance of their celebrity idol. A couple of months ago it emerged that a woman had gone through eight years of plastic surgery in order to look much more enjoy her role-model Fan Bingbing.